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Pizza Techniques

How to cook wood fired oven style pizza in your home oven in 20 minutes

Last night I planned to fire up the wood fired oven for a pizza party. I had my dough balls and ingredients ready and laid … read more »

Shaping pizza bases


Pizzaiolo competitors in the Pizza Olympics lend a certain mystique to the art of shaping pizza bases, spinning them into shape between their legs or … read more »

Kneading dough


Kneading is the process of working dough to help proteins join together and form gluten, which gives dough its strength and elasticity. The most common … read more »

Making dough balls


Shaping your pizza dough into balls before use is an important step. If shaped correctly the balls will tend to expand evenly as they rise, … read more »



It’s sometimes easy to get carried away and cover your pizza with every topping you like. And fair enough, everyone has a good memory of … read more »

Using a pizza stone

pizza stone (1 of 1)

Wood fired ovens have some characteristics that really influence the pizzas that they produce. Most importantly they are extremely hot – often 400 degrees Celsius … read more »

Pizza peel tips and tricks

A pizza peel is a kind of wood or metal paddle, used to slide a pizza into the oven, move and turn it while cooking, … read more »