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Zyliss Pizza Wheel Cutter

There’s a few different methods of cutting pizza, with the pizza wheel being the most traditional. Wheel cutters are suitable for most pizzas, with the exception perhaps of pizzas with toppings that can easily be disturbed – things like whole prawns and so on. For those pizzas I use scissors or a single rocker blade style cutter, but for everything else I use a Zyliss cutter, one of the best pizza cutters I have used!

You can see the difference between this and a more traditional wheel cutter – the large handle lets you get a really good grip, and because the blade is supported on both sides it feels more sturdy that the old fashioned cutters.

To clean, the plastic part is hinged on one corner, so the blade can be removed. It seems to be dishwasher safe after many cycles, which is a bonus if you eat pizza often (I do).

zyliss pizza cutter

Ready For Cleaning

I use a diamond stone to sharpen the wheel, but I have to say it’s trickier than sharpening a knife (as are all pizza wheel cutters). More to come on that as I figure out the best technique. To be honest, it might be easier to just buy a new wheel every year or two!

You can buy theĀ  Zyliss cutter here for around $10. If you try them, let me know what you think.

Zyliss Pizza Cutter

My Battle Scarred Zyliss Pizza Cutter

1 comment to Zyliss Pizza Wheel Cutter

  • Janice Littlepage

    Thank you for the picture of how to snap out the wheel! There are no instructions on the packaging, and I was feeling like a real dummy. Thanks again.

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