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Produce & Preserving

How To Dry Salt Cure Olives

salt olives (1 of 1)-2

I love having lots of homemade olives around but I have to confess that sometimes I’m a bit slack with changing pickling liquid every day. … read more »

It’s Olive Season!

olives (1 of 2)

I spent a day recently with a few eager family members picking olives for oil, and a few for eating. This might sound a little … read more »

Quince Paste – an easy(ish) recipe

quince paste (1 of 1)

With their rich perfume and deep red colour when cooked, quinces are one of my favourite fruit. They are fantastic simply stewed and served  with … read more »

Green Tomato And Apple Relish

chicken sage sausages (1 of 9)

Tomato season is over, just a few stragglers on the vines plus a few that will never ripen now. Yesterday I helped pull down the … read more »

How To Make Vincotto

vincotto (1 of 1)

Every winemaking season we put aside a few buckets of grapes to make delicous syrupy vincotto – also called vinicotto or vino cotto. Although vincotto … read more »

Canning Tomato Passata

tomato sauce (1 of 1)

The end of summer is a delicious time. The last month or two we have had tons of zucchinis, eggplant, onions, apples, peaches and more … read more »

Picking And Curing Olives

curing olives (1 of 1)

Olive oil is an important part of Italian cooking, at least for some regions – that spicy, peppery taste gives an extra dimension to anything … read more »

You Need A Tomato Press

tomato press-4

Our family has been growing a large patch of tomatoes for a few years now, and bottling our own tomato sauce for pizza sauce, pasta, … read more »