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Pizza Toppings/Recipes

Salmon & Caper Pizza on a Rye Crust

salmon rye piza (2 of 3)

Rye bread is one of my favourite things to eat so recently I have been learning more about making my own. Rye is a bit … read more »

Nettle pizza

nettle pizza pasta (1 of 1)

Every year I look at the nettles growing in the weedier bits of my back yard and vaguely think about eating them. I’ve seen them … read more »

Apple Crumble Pizza

apple pizza (12 of 12)

There’s apple orchards all around my home town and they’ve been busy harvesting this week. My little tree has usable fruit for the first time … read more »

Lamb Pizza

Lamp Pizza (1 of 1)

We had a great lamb pizza recently and I was inspired to try making a version at home. It came out pretty well – definitely … read more »

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza-2

A bacon and egg pizza has been on my mind for a while now, so with a cool sunny morning on the weekend it seemed … read more »

Leek, Tomato and Mushroom with Stracchino

I cooked a bit of an unusual pizza recently on a whim, and it turned out pretty well! I was inspired by a new (to … read more »

Fig, Walnut & Mascarpone Pizza with Pear

This pizza recipe is a bit of a different combination. You wouldn’t quite call it a dessert pizza, but is quite light and sweet and … read more »

Onion, rosemary & blue cheese

Rosemary, onion and blue cheese pizza

The strength of this pizza is it’s simplicity and the combination of a small amount of powerful ingredients. The subtle sweetness and texture of the … read more »

Zucchini, mushroom & smoked cheese

This is a simple veggie pizza that packs a flavour punch. The earthy mushrooms work nicely with the sweet zucchini, and the smoky cheese is … read more »