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Polenta Quiche

polenta quiche (3 of 4)

After reading about the benefits of getting more calories from good oils and protein and eating less carbs I came up with this recipe for … read more »

Herb Omelette

Herb Omelette (3 of 7)

I am writing down this recipe to share the enjoyment of picking fresh garden greens on a sunny spring morning – there is something very … read more »

How To Make Ricotta Gnocchi

ricotta gnocci (1 of 1)-4

Soft fluffy gnocchi are one of my favourite comfort foods so when I heard they can be made with ricotta instead of potato I couldn’t … read more »

My Recipe For Spaghetti Bolognaise

spaghetti bolognese (15 of 16)

A staple in my families diet is some variation on bolognaise sauce – a rich, tomato and meat based sauce (although we do a vegetarian … read more »

Chicken & Sage Sausages

chicken sage sausages (7 of 8)

It is satisfying to make fresh homemade sausages and I have resolved to make them more often. The whole thing takes less than an hour, … read more »

Baked Eggs

baked eggs with lentils (3 of 3)

I was in Melbourne last month for work and my brother in law said I had to go to Hardware Societe. I googled them and … read more »

Is this the best pumpkin soup recipe ever?

pumpkin soup (1 of 1)

There’s no doubt Autumn is here – it’s been raining and leaves are turning yellow and orange. Today as I listened to the wind chimes … read more »

Pasta Alla Norma

pasta alla norma (1 of 1)

First off I have to give credit to the incomparable FXCuisine, where I got this recipe for Pasta Alla Norma. If you haven’t seen his … read more »

Traditional Baked Beans

baked beans (1 of 1)

2 seemingly unrelated facts led me to try out a new recipe today. 1: I think beans can be among the most delicious of all … read more »