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Apple Crumble Pizza

apple pizza (12 of 12)

There’s apple orchards all around my home town and they’ve been busy harvesting this week. My little tree has usable fruit for the first time … read more »

Buckwheat Torte

buckwheat torte (1 of 1)

I served this as a birthday cake last week. The recipe is another that I have stolen from FXCuisine. I hope he doesn’t mind but … read more »

Polenta With Vincotto

polenta with vincotto (1 of 1)-3

This is one of my all time greatest desserts. Creamy, buttery wedges of polenta are topped with freshly whipped cream and vincotto. After you mix … read more »

How To Make Vincotto

vincotto (1 of 1)

Every winemaking season we put aside a few buckets of grapes to make delicous syrupy vincotto – also called vinicotto or vino cotto. Although vincotto … read more »