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Is this the best pumpkin soup recipe ever?

pumpkin soup (1 of 1)

There’s no doubt Autumn is here – it’s been raining and leaves are turning yellow and orange. Today as I listened to the wind chimes … read more »

Polenta With Vincotto

polenta with vincotto (1 of 1)-3

This is one of my all time greatest desserts. Creamy, buttery wedges of polenta are topped with freshly whipped cream and vincotto. After you mix … read more »

How To Make Vincotto

vincotto (1 of 1)

Every winemaking season we put aside a few buckets of grapes to make delicous syrupy vincotto – also called vinicotto or vino cotto. Although vincotto … read more »

Pasta Alla Norma

pasta alla norma (1 of 1)

First off I have to give credit to the incomparable FXCuisine, where I got this recipe for Pasta Alla Norma. If you haven’t seen his … read more »